Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Adventures in Babysitting.


My friend wanted to go out to this really old ghost town up on a hill somewhere, in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night and hunt for ghosts ..and she was (like) super excited about it. So I watched her kids for a few hours; Bailey and Samantha and here is our photoshoot:

Sam on the left and Bailey on the right (wearing her mother's boots).

Spiderman pose!

Their photo with Dingo ..he wasn't enjoying the evening as much as the rest of us.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little Adventures: the move, continued...

Here are some photos of the fun...

This is the smaller of the two moving trucks, the other one was 26'!

Wendy-Tina-Beccy; of the main office the main office!

Our fabric.

My old work space, nearly empty.

My new work space!! ...pretty cool, huh!

Little Adventures: the move.

It's amazing to me how one little sentence, seeming so innocent at the time ..mellow, underestimated, can completely change things.

Here it is: "We found a warehouse!!"

"Cool," we all nod and look around at one another.

Then this happens:

We move, with 7 large truck-loads; the Little Adventure employees-friends-family group gets the following items into the new warehouse:

*One packed to capacity shipping area complete with back stock files, full sized fridge and full main office area.
*One overflow shipping area for extra merchandise, with all shelving units and pallets full of costumes.
*more offices
*one design studio filled with samples, full shelves of fabric, and design table.
*back sewing room ...5 industrial machines with all the accessories.


Now include all the random crap that orbits a general move and times that by ...alot, and divide that by "WE ARE AMAZING!"

What do you come up with?? ..lots of people, strength, diet coke, donuts, pizza and very sore muscles ...and a few boo-boos.

It all went wonderfully. It is also the reason that I haven't been blogging, so get ready for a flood of new images and photographs!!

sarah k

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Father's Day hike.

For Father's Day this year Ryan, Dingo and I drove to Evanston (are any of you surprised by this by now?) and spent a beautiful day with my parents and the Wasatch National Forest!! We cooked a great breakfast ...including made-from-scratch Hollandaise sauce, walked up on the ridge above the house and then took a longer hike through Christmas Meadows. Here are some photos from the trail:

My mom and me!! ..she's still healing from surgery, so it was a hard hike for her. Kudos, mom!!

Ryan, enjoying the scenery.

Dingo, doing the same...

The scenery!! ..or, the view down the valley.
Side note: this is a really good example of what I missed while I was living elsewhere.

My dad was Father's Day, of course he was there! He likes the view too, although Al, the big dog behind him, might not understand what all the fuss is about.

Right before Dingo decided to over-zealously fall into the creek between the two logs you see Ryan using as a bridge.

Can you feel how calm it was there?

Heading out ...Wooby, our blind Malamute used to walk those logs from end to end every time he was on this hike!

This is the meadow by the trailhead!! It was so green and beautiful.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Southern Utah, montage.

Saturday Holga shot

Old shot from Fort Collins taken by Mikey G.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Gift Earings.

Prior to getting my degree and moving to NY, I constantly created small gift-like items. I was always stringing beads or bending wire ..or shopping for the materials. Now that I am back out west, and my inspiration and motivation has returned, I find myself returning to these small meditative projects. Here is the latest:

..and since it was a gift, I decided to use some of the multitude of scrap fabric that I now own due to working with children's costumes, and wrap it in sparkle webbing!!

Translations 2...

Here is another funny translation from China...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Quad weekend

This last weekend we again drove to Evanston, Wyoming and spent a beautiful/overcast spring day bogging through the puddle-filled Ski area on Forest Service 4wheelers! Our mission was to take down the ski area signs for summer retouching. Anyone involved in BRORA is welcome to volunteer for the task!!

Here are some photos from the trails:

Translations gone wild.

My co-worker was recently in China, and says that the China-English translation can become a bit blurry. Here is an example:

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Big Springs Trail

Even though the rest of this Utah spring has been cloudy, cold and wet, last weekend was beautiful! Hot, even summer-like! Ryan, Dingo and I decided to take advantage and drive through Provo canyon. This is what we found!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Funny photo for today.

Bonding with Baby Mike! ..maybe his foot was cold.

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Oh ...Fort Collins.

We need to stroll back a bit to my old Fort Collins days and a few of the people I miss ...and have an afternoon at the O'Dell brewery! (of course)...with a fisheye camera!


Feel free to ad-lib.

Enjoying employment.

Not sure why, but I have put off this blog for a bit. Maybe it's because I am at work so much that I feel like blogging about other things. A conflict of secrecy also clouds about the room because I design things, and they aren't sold yet, so I cannot publish photos of what I am working on.

I was hired a few months ago as an Assistant Designer/Pattern Drafter for a very fun company called Little Adventures. We create washable, wearable children's costumes. I happily spend my working days ruffling puffy skirts and applying sequin.

Here are a few photos from the office.

One of many machines I sew samples on ...file this under job perk!!

Miles of sparkly sequin trim from China ..3 cents/yd.

Hot pink serger thread ..a staple at Little Adventures, how perfect!!
Sewing machine refuse ...lots of it.

Monday, June 07, 2010

Flooding of Murray City Park

For the last week, the creek that runs through our city park has been steadily rising. We noted the change and started taking photos on Saturday. The Creek overwhelmed it's banks on Sunday, and now seems to be level, if not receding a little bit. Here are 3 photos from the last 3 days!

Saturday. Ryan and I having a nice stroll with Dingo. The trees in the background is where we usually walk.

Sunday night, 10:30ish. Our road was closed and the police directed us into the park to turn around. Those are picnic tables!!

Monday evening, about a half hour ago, right near State street on the side of the park. The whole area is taped off to the public now.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Saturday's stationery.

I love writing letters, second only, perhaps, to receiving them! I seem to always be involved in writing someone. If it isn't the physical act of pen on paper, then I am cutting and taping envelopes or developing film to be glued onto postcards.

So's only natural that I chose to spend a good deal of my Saturday off covered in glue and paper scraps. Usually there is glitter in that list too, but today I toned it down a bit.

Here are some of my favorites from today. They haven't been written in yet, that comes next. And surprise, some of you will be getting them very soon. Keep an eye on your mailbox ..xo.

Yes folks, that certainly is a hat filled with kittens!! Erica, are you jealous?

These are a collage of old photos, printed in black and white and then watercolor painted!! These are a repeat project I loved them so much!

Awesome old stagecoach! This one is being mailed to Quinn ..I made it with her in mind.

All old phots found on