Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Driving through Utah

Yesterday I returned from a short vacation through Southern Utah, this is what I have to say about it:

1. HOT ...super, super heat with cars overheating everywhere. Luckily Dingo and I were not among them, we suffered with lower air-conditioning and lots of drinks.

2. Weirdly enough, we drove into a storm near Price, Utah that dropped a tornado behind us. This information was discovered (luckily) after returning to the safety of my apartment and watching the news.

3. If you ever need to take great photos of abandoned motels, take the business loop through Green River, Utah. But, beware ..it may give you a sense of desolation in the pit of your stomach that you really don't need.

4. Is it just me or does driving in 100 degree heat, without cloud cover, on 100 mile desert stretches, on a motorcycle, in shorts sound like a NOT so great idea!? ...PS, Dingo and I were not on a motorcycle.

5. Love the desert in the spring and fall, but it's a bit intimidating in July!!

Here are some shots from the road:

Friday, July 23, 2010

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Kodak Retina!

Surprise gifts are great!! Ryan brought home a new vintage camera to add to my collection a few weeks ago. I tried it out by taking a roll of photos in Wyoming and excitedly pocketed the film when it was finished. Great you say ..I cannot loose it, but ha! ..I washed those jeans ..and the film.

Most of the pictures are somewhat boring and off-colored, but this one I like.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


This is Debaj, he lives upstairs from me, I hang out with him, his brother and his mom ..alot. Here are two of my favorite quotes from him:

1). "I think there is something wrong with the engine." ..talking about his bike after he wrecked.

2). "Sarah has a BIG mustache!" ..no comment needed.

Wyoming II

Christmas Meadows ..horseback riding!

Ryan left for Georgia to meet his new nephew this morning, and after shuttling him to the airport at 4AM I drove to Evanston to go horseback riding with my dad!

This is the Indiana Jones bridge ...also the point in the ride where my horse, Dutch, decided he wasn't going to go any further and we turned around.

Dutch, scratching his neck on a tree.

This is my dad, getting ready to go fly fishing. (This one is for you, E-baby, for getting him into those wine drinks ..they are great in the mountains!!)

My dad, catching Brook Trout.

The Bluebells in the meadow were we stopped to catch fish.

The meadow!

Riding out! This is my dad's new mare (the mare with no name) and it was taken right before he had a small bronco riding session on her due to his VERY frightening cowboy hat!


Friday, July 16, 2010


Improving the work morale through bedazzlement!! ...one tape dispenser at a time.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Adventures with Eva IV: Eva may be tougher than me.

After watching numerous balloons attempt to crush the dedicated people of Provo we drove up the canyon for a short hike.

Eva meet Provo falls.
Provo falls, Eva.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Adventures with Eva III: Balloon attack.

Eva and I saw the early side of Saturday morning on the 3rd of July, which was no easy feat after our fun-filled evening. Our reason? a Balloon Festival starting promptly at 6:30AM. Turns out that the wind wasn't so great that morning for ballooning, and in the following photos you will see what happens to a crowded field full of sleepy on-lookers when the wind blows.

Eva at the beginning, sporting her double-jean look ..she swears it was for warmth.

Balloons going up! ..the fun starts.

People are getting excited!!

Eva had to touch one ..she was excited too.

This is what we drove down to see!!

Eva and I enjoying a beautiful morning in Utah, until...

..the wind changed..

..and balloons started falling on people..

This is probably not what people expected to see, but we really enjoyed it!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Adventures with Eva II: Downtown

Post Rodeo, dinner at the Copper Onion and drinks, we wandered back to the car and home.

"The economy is imp(r)oving, honest!"

This is how people in Utah save their spot for the 4th of July parade and fireworks ..which happens to be on Saturday.

Adventures with Eva I: West Valley Stampede

This last weekend I was fortunate enough to have my good friend, Hungarian-born-Jersey-girl-Eva drive in for a visit. She is crossing the country in a vehicle for the first time. Given that Eva had not ever set foot in Utah, we went about our weekend doing things that she had never done.

Friday night: The West Valley Stampede
Positive: Lots of cowboys, cowboy clothing, cotton candy, and bronco riding.
Negative: NO BEER.

This is how they win the big bucks!!

..again, though harder to see, trying to stay on for money.

It's totally, socially acceptable in the west to strap your 4-6 year old onto the back of a sheep and see how long they can hold on!! ..it's called mutton breaking, and this is what the sheep do after being ridden, they wander around in a group looking confused.

Eva, having a great time!! (really, she was!)

The stadium lights as we were leaving! ..we had important dinner plans so we missed the West Valley Stampede traffic jam.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010


If you plan on having a work party, have it at Lagoon!! My company decided to do an annual Lagoon day and here are some photos from it:

First roller-coaster of the day! ...the white roller-coaster, built in 1921 and still going strong.

Ok, so...if you have to get sunburned, don't do it the day before you go to an amusement park!!
P.S. completely covered up is HOT!

Is there a reason this ride makes me more dizzy as an adult than as a child?

Thanks Little Adventures!!


Due to my home computer coming down with a major virus, postings may be erratic this week. Here is a photo from this following week!!