Sunday, August 10, 2008

The internship begins...

So it has finally begun, this mythtical internship of so much patience, debate and unreserved excitement. I started this last wednesday and haven't really had much time to sit down since. The internship is within the TR design area for Tracy Reese. There are three lines being produced for each season in this office, and a wonderfully inspiring work area to do it in! Here are a few random things that have to do with my short first week:

* I learned how to dye loads of fabric using a washing machine.
* My thoughts tend to have an english accent when I leave work every day because I talk alot with Sophie from Northern England.
* I run tons of errands ..up and down and up and down..
* I'm finding all sorts of wonderful fabric stores in the area to go to on weekends!
* I'm continually inspired (yay!)
* Tom Cody, Phillip Lim and Peter Som are also in the same building.
* My pedometer says that I walk just under 10 miles a day, and my feet hurt ..alot!
* I'm getting used to bad smells, but not to things that drip on you when you walk down the street.
* I now understand why people are irritated with the summer due to it's tourists! ..especially when I need to run down the street to by dye for a rushed project.
* I am learning so much about the industry the smiling sponge!
* As of last night, I now know that the lower east side is one giant bar!

The view from TR Designs..

My friend Bekah and I just getting off work on friday!

Bryant Park fountain, I walk past twice a day, my subway entrance is right here!

Monday, August 04, 2008


Yesterday was my first official day in my new apartment, I would call it a "home" but I haven't really unpacked and I am sleeping on a futon mattress on the floor. My good friends, Dylan and Beth, took the train down from New Paltz yesterday and spent the day exploring my new neighborhood with me. We wandered all day into areas that I wouldn't have seen with just Dingo as company, and reminisced for hours about our past. Each of these pictures were taken within 5 blocks of my apartment!

Saturday, August 02, 2008



1. I have to wash my feet repeatedly throughout the day due to street grime.
2. I can hear people have conversations everywhere, even in bed at night.
3. Things smell like pee.
4. Everything that doesn't smell like pee has an interesting odor.
5. In my temporary room I am a minority and do not speak the common language.
6. It's essential to carry cash.
7. The sidewalk is a buffett for dogs (coined by Dave and Nancy)
8. It is very normal to be somewhat abnormal.
9. The air some mornings smells like the ocean (this I was unaware of and greatly
delighted by!)

Friday, August 01, 2008

Coney Island the wrong way.

I had been having a bit of stress fueled doubt about my decision until today when I ventured out of the apartment complex and Dingo and I attempted to drive to Coney Island you say? Isn't that sacreligeous of the New York lifestyle?? Well yes, as I was lost and agressively driving through one way people filled streets in downtown Brooklyn while I feebly attempted to find my bank. I realized then that Dingo would be exploring a small area encompassing our new apartment and an occasional taxi ride and that I would be exploring a rather larger circle via public transportation. I was not entirely naive as you may be thinking right now about New York transportation, I was just hopeful of a dual trip to Coney Island for the day!
After this failed attempt at coastal ocean views we settled on Fort Greene Park which was an oasis of shade, grass and tennis new favorite sport. I found a comfortable calm in the city, lost my recent doubt and learned that you need to have a permit to play tennis in the city! Good to know.

The area

These are some images of the area, and one of hot Dingo on the roof! I am excited about the numerous things to photograph and the amount of talent that is located here!

Rooftop view.

I found out today that Brooklyn has 2.5 million people and that if it was a stand alone city it would be the 4th largest city in the United States ..crazy! It is also the largets borough of New York City! Interesting!
This photo was taken on the roof of the building I am staying in, the hazy city in the back should give you a good idea of how far away from the city I am at this stage! My location will be changing very shortly as I am about to move into my apartment, so expect different views very soon!